Why Do You Need a Cum Mistress?

So why do you need a Cum Mistress like me? What do I do that is any different than you eating your own cum by yourself?

I’m here to guide you. As a phone sex Mistress, I’ve always thought of myself as more than someone who talks about sex. I love to share a connection with you and dig as deeply as I can into what drives you and what turns you on.

I love having a relationship with you, one that consists of gentle nudging towards the goal of eating your own cum. Or fitful laughter over the fact that your cum cupcakes just didn’t rise.

Masturbation is considered a solitary action, one that you do completely alone in bed or in the shower in the morning. It’s still got a stigma surrounding it and therefore it’s not something that you necessarily share with someone else, even if they are your partner.

Ms. Layla Your Cum Eating Mistress 800-601-6975

Ms. Layla Your Cum Eating Mistress 800-601-6975

And that’s why I’m here. To share it with you.

Cum eating is a fantasy that has many varied scenarios and many different reasons that can turn you on. You might not even be aware at the beginning what this exactly means.

One of the guys I talk to is a reluctant cum eater. He didn’t even want to try it at first but soon got wrapped up in the taboo nature of the fantasy. Not only that, after he tried it a couple of times, he discovered that he loved eating his own cum. He just needed encouragement from his Mistress.

On my blog, Tell Me Your Fantasy, I posted the three main reasons why you would want a phone mistress on a post entitled Why Do You Call a Phone Mistress. They were to share, guide and explore. This is applicable to your cum eating fantasy as well. Whether you want to share your fantasy, explore ideas that you maybe never thought of or be guided along this cum eating journey, I am here for you.

So why do you need a cum mistress?

Because it’s no fun doing it alone.

14 comments to Why Do You Need a Cum Mistress?

  • Robert

    You are so right Ms Layla (as always). Masturbation can be a very solitary if not lonely act. Sharing it with you along many of my other idiosyncrasies heightens the excitement. Thank you for being there and thank you for being you.

    • Layla

      I could say the same to you Rob, sharing all that with you increases my pleasure immensely. And by the way I adore you because of your idiosyncrasies not in spite of them! So thank you for being you too Rob, hugs and kisses.

  • SteveZuku

    Ms Layla … the difference between doing it on one’a own or doing it with and for you … it’s like the difference between snacking on a TV dinner or dining out at a lavish exotic banquet.

    • Layla

      Steve you are so right! Shared experiences heighten both pleasure and passion. Of course if you are the least bit tempted to back out I’ll be right there to encourage you and remind you of your promise to me. You will be eating your own cum for me, one way or the other!

      • SteveZuku

        No way will I back out from a chance to please you, Ms Layla … commencing countdown :):):)

        But no doubt, you will find something else that I may be hesitant about … until you melt my resistance with your charm.

        • Layla

          Steve melting your resistance is what I’m most looking forward to! Finding those little pockets of doubt and fear and helping you overcome them is what its all about.

        • Layla

          Steve I will melt down all your defenses! One by one they will crumble until you and I are in perfect harmony!

  • Ms Layla,

    I LOVE eating my own thick white loads of cum when I masturbate, which is pretty much all the time lol. It’s probably no surprise that I also enjoy watching very cummy porn videos while slurping and savoring my own sperm. Would be fun to include some extra jizz licking encouragement from a specialist!

    Until we connect, Cheers and O’s,

    • Layla

      Wow MSW I can’t wait to collaborate with you! A cum eating lover of the highest degree! Extra cum eating encouragement is exactly what I’ll provide!

  • For the past few days I’ve started saving my cum in the freezer. I’ve done this before with single loads and enjoyed, but freezing changes the texture to the point where I’d rather slurp it warm & fresh from my penis. For my first big mega-cum feast, I want to save at least 30ml, a full ounce. So far, my little sperm bank has 21ml of yummy cum.

    zOMG I cannot wait to dine on this epic cum buffet. Hoping maybe you could be my “dinner date” via phone 😉

    • Hi Mistress Layla, Just wanted you to know I’ve added another spermy load to the jizzsicle in my freezer. Now at 30ml, a full ounce of my creamy cum is just waiting for our call :-) I need my Cum Mistress to help build up the pre-feast anticipation while I spank out a fresh dessert, and encourage me to enjoy and savor my cum while I dine on the most I’ve ever saved by a mile. It’s a little intimidating lol. For such a special event, I have a “sperm slurping” outfit of fishnet stockings, a prostate vibrator, clothespins for my nipples, and a bib that says “I (Heart) Cum!”. Hope I’m dressed appropriately! Can’t wait for our Dinner Date!!!

  • Ms Layla, Having you as my “dinner date” made my cum feast absolutely awesome, and much more satisfying sexually. It’s not every day that I sip and savor 1/6 cup of my freshly thawed spermy loads! I’m still blown away that you’re just as into it as I am!!

    To read more and see some pics+video of My Big Cum Adventure, just click my name at the top of this posting – MonkeySpankerWanker – it’s a link to my kinky masturbation blog. Thanks for helping make it even kinkier 😉

    • Layla

      MonkeySpankerWanker you truly are a cum lover! It was awesome to see you reclining against your pillows slowly sipping your cup of cum. The best first cum eating date I’ve ever had. I know that we have many more adventures ahead of us!

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