Welcome to The Cum Club!

Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla have teamed up to bring you a project near and dear to their hearts….cum eating!  We started  this project because we really love cum eating and especially watching men eat cum on cam.

Drink that cum down, now.

We’re not the only ones, however.  Many of the Mistresses at LDW have a penchant for allowing you to savour your own cum.   Watch for future posts where we link back to some “mouth watering” posts from these sexy seductive mistresses.  Clearly they’ve been interested in seeing you Eat Your Cum for awhile now!

You spoke and we listened…we have an entire site and blog completely devoted to cum eating.  But wait…there’s more.  Ms. Layla and Ms. Delia have a group that exclusively devoted to you cum eaters.  That’s right, be the first on your block to be a member of the Cum Club.  The weekend of March 19 and 20, 2011 we will be launching our Cum Club!  The first 5 members to subscribe to this very blog and to write a lovely 50 word minimum comment here will get a free 10 minute call with Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla. Yes, that’s right 2 Mistresses who love to encourage, coach, even dare you to eat your cum. We’ll even watch!

Others who sign up during this special cum-filled event will  get a sexyand hot masturbation audio from Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla on the topic at “ahem” hand.  In all seriousness, it is necessary for you to join in order for you to enjoy all the benefits of this exclusive club!  We can’t promise tee shirts and coffee mugs (well maybe a nice little cum cup) but there will be perks that no one else will get.

Remember to please your Mistresses. Joining is easy! Subscribe to this blog and post a comment of at least 50 words to this blog telling us why you either love cum eating or want to love it.  Be the first to find out about our contests, promotions and free goodies from the Mistresses.

Check the schedule page for our blog posting schedule.

Hurry to be one of the first to get the special goodies! Now, if all this talk of yummy cum has your mouth watering right now, feel free to give us a call!


Must be 18+ to call

Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Discreetly billed to a major credit card

If you enjoyed your call with me please leave feedback at


33 comments to Welcome to The Cum Club!

  • NB

    Wow, just when you think things cannot get more tempting! :-p I have been dutifully checking back at Ms. Delia’s blog for a hint at what the surprise was, but luckily I happened to notice your little note on EE :-p

    I have to say, this was certainly not the kind of fantasy that I ever thought about naturally… but it seems to be that kind of fantasy that you hear it once, and thing “OMG never!” but then it just kind of sticks in the back of your mind, and it starts worming its way into your fantasies…

    • Layla

      NB the Cum Club is lucky to have you as one of our original members! You are so right, cum eating can at first seem like a “never gonna happen” idea. And then gradually your mind starts to think “well maybe….” until you find yourself on the phone with a sexy Mistress and before you know it….you’ve tried it! You’re in good company here and you’ll get lots of support in avoiding that “moment of truth” denial!

  • toy

    This is great.

    i mean great topic, great that there is a new blog. great that u have it.

    i am so glad you have it and are having fun. i want to leaen moree about doing it.
    eating my own for you. This is amazing. Course i would expect no less.

    • Layla

      Oh toy, I have great plans for your cum eating adventures. Of course they are all on hold and dependent on your being allowed an orgasm. I think I’m right when I say that you have to actually cum in order to eat your own cum. I’ll have to check on that though….. hehe

  • Aaron Jacobsen

    I honestly do not know about this. I have tried tasting myself a couple of times over the years of enjoying myself.. For I was curious about what it did taste like.. We all hear about the terms that are used for the taste of a woman, the “honeyed dew”, heavenly mead”, sweet juices” etc. But there was one special time where I truly tasted myself in a kiss with my ex-girlfriend. She enjoyed pleasuring me after I pleasured her first of course. She snuggled up next to me, my eyes were still closed from the experience, and she pressed her lips to mine. When I opened mine for the kiss, she let some of “me” slide into my mouth, I was startled at first but as her tongue swirled around, it was a very ‘heady” experience kissing her, tasting her on her lips, then me, it was mind numbing. She was very happy that I accepted what she gave me. But to do this on my own, not sure… just want to be honest with you all.

    • Layla

      Book, that’s a very typical reaction and I’m so glad you shared your experience with us. Its one thing to be caught up in a passionate moment and embrace but quite another to be staring down into your palm and wrap your mind around the act you are about to perform. All I can say is give yourself over to your Mistress and do your best. Remember, biggest drink always starts with the first lick…..

  • Ashton

    Cum, the full load lay in waiting as a finger across the tip gets the last little bit. A quick move puts the finger into my wanton mouth as all of the pre-cum had done before. Swallow, gulp, down it went as I gaze upon the rest of what my efforts have produced. Long waited and finally allowed, the release sits at the bottom of glass just begging to be swallowed, but I hesitate. Something is telling me no when my entire being is screaming yes! There I sit, pink bra and panties skirt up to my waist and shirt pulled up over my bra desiring, na craving that loaded glass. But yet I am unable to put it to my lips and tip it back. Oh I have gotten close, even let it roll into my mouth and over my tongue but each time I put back into the glass it came from. But now there is a club, The Cum Club, and it is with great hope and a wanton tongue that I humbly ask permission to join with the hopes of a brighter, whiter tomorrow.

    • Layla

      Wow Ashton thank you for a great comment. What you said so eloquently really goes to the heart of the matter for many. The desire is there, the craving is there and you even get to the point of having it in your mouth and then…..resolve goes out the window, cum goes back into the glass and hope springs eternal for the next time. You and your wanton tongue are welcome members of the Cum Club. I’m sure with our expertise, your desire and the support of your fellow Cum Club members we’ll have you imbibing in no time!

      • Ashton

        Why that is most kind of you Ms. Layla. You lavish such kind words upon me with such grace and beauty that I am in a sense tongue tied. I tried again tonight in honor of you, considering your words but once again it eludes me. Once again that reward for service rendered ended up in the bottom of the glass with no chance of sliding past my craving throat. But one day with the grace, help and support of such caring Mistress’ the glass will be empty instead of half full. Oh how I long for that day to come!

  • Yorel

    We loved to kiss after she took my cum. She would lap my from my eyelids to my ears. For us, it was orgasm’s desert and I swear she got off again from doing it. After ‘pull out’ sex, she would gaze down with those super wide brown eyes as I lapped from wherever I had landed. She got off again. I can still see it. Now, she is gone. And never again.

  • toy

    Ms Layla, there is always precum! i know that is different than cum but if its all i can do then…

    Whatever u do. i know it will be the right thing. You are so smart & so wise that i am sure you will make amazing choices. i am glad, proud & honored to be in your capable hands.

    • Layla

      I love to “toy” with you in my capable hands…. dear toy and yes, pre cum does count! It would only be fair since you will not be allowed release for the foreseeable future!

  • jbshot

    I love to be guided into eating my own cum by one of the LDW mistresses. I can never do it on my own but I can do it for the mistress. Especially if she makes me put my legs over my head and shoot straight into my mouth. I love it when she taunts and teases me and calls me a cum slut.

  • mark

    I love this fantasy because it is hot and sexy. I like putting the cum in my mouth and feeling it there. I love it because it is a way to be submissive when I am not horny anymore. It shows that I can have my release and still serve and that makes me feel good. I do need a mistress to keep me in line otherwise I won’t do it.

    • Layla

      Hi mark and welcome to the Cum Club. You’re right eating cum is a hot and sexy activity. I love your perspective on submission as certainly serving your Mistress does not stop with your release. If you need a Mistress to keep you in line you’ve come to the right place!

  • Mistress Layla,
    Forced cum eating has long been a fantasy of mine, whether it’s feed to the helpless victim or he’s bribed, coerced or tricked into submitting. When this fantasy is combined with the authoritative tone of a dominating mistress, it amplifies my desire. I love to be told what to do. It takes away the guilty feelings.

    • Layla

      Lorraine you should never feel guilty if what you are doing is to please your Mistress. I have to admit that I will do whatever it takes bribe, coerce or trick you into doing what I already know is best for you. Welcome to the Cum Club, thank you for your comments on our Enchantrix Empire poll!

  • philliz

    reading all posts avidly, such a turn on

  • Tim

    Looks like I’m a little late to the party, but hope I can still join up!

    I love to eat my own cum. I think about it all the time, and look forward to throwing my legs over my head and shooting that thick load straight in. Gets my hard just thinking about it.

    I scour the internet for ‘cei’ vids … looking for a woman to tell me what and how – but now discovering this. Man oh man – live. This is going to be incredibly hot!

  • studnmemphis

    I’m really glad this website has been created..

    I’ve down a handful of calls with Delia, and loved them all.. It looks like I need to talk to Miss Layla!

    • Layla

      studnmemphis Ms. Delia’s calls are awesome. I’m sure she’s had you doing, saying and feeling all kinds of things you never thought you would! I’d love to chat with you anytime you’d like!

  • Ladonna

    Leave it to two beautiful mistresses to create such an appetizing forum! Having ingested my own cum using only my own creativity in the past, I am looking very forward to having these experts optimize my future enjoyment of this normally taboo topic. The most enjoyable way for me to eat cum thus far, has been to lick my semen out of my wife following coitus. The incredible mixture of her juices and my semen are an amazing elixir. Of course, there are a number of satisfying alternatives, a number of which are performed solo. I’m sooo desirous of having a more formal training program, though. Let the training begin…

    • Layla

      Ladonna thank you so much for your comment! I think you’ve found one of the best ways to enjoy your own cum, mixed with your lover’s it does create a unique taste and texture. Hopefully we’ll be seeing lots of you around the Cum Club. Your experience and interest will, I am sure, add an interesting perspective!

  • Jeff

    I have loved the idea of cum-eating for a long time now. I am so glad you have this site, I love performing on cam for the Mistresses, and have done so several times. This is a wonderful outlet for me (pardon the pun) and I hope to have my legs over my head for you soon.

    • Layla

      Jeff we love having you perform on cam for us! Not only is it very hot to watch you, its a nice way of making sure you are getting every drop! Legs over your head….oh I think that will be happening sooner rather than later!

  • B

    Wow Ms Layla, I listened to your “Tasty Afternoon Snack” audio. I immediately wanted to check the cabinet for peanut butter!! I felt inspired and tempted. I always wondered what it would be like to slurp it all down after it was discharged from it’s container. It looks tempting just laying there on the towel or tissue after I’m done, but I never fully followed through with the act of eating it. Maybe if I join the club, I can get some “encouragement”. What do you think?

    • Layla

      haha B – discharged from its container, that’s hilarious! You are quite right……adding it to food is a great way to add a little “kick” to your dish! Welcome to the Cum Club! By leaving this comment you are officially a member. Look for your welcome e-mail soon…..and yes encouragement is always available and happily given.

  • B

    Looking forward to it. :)

  • J

    Hi, I often tried to eat my cum after masturbating but could never do it. I tried by placing legs over head and got most on my face only a tiny bit in mouth, but looked kinky in mirror on my face. I finally found a way. I freeze the cum then put a cum cube in my mouth while I stroke. It melts and I can savor it in my mouth while I stroke to an orgasm and swallow. I love it. I’m up to 5 loads in one cube on average. I have had one cube of 10 loads. Its time to contribute to my cube tray. Happy eating!

    • Layla

      J that’s a great way to get past your cum eating hesitation. I often have my cum eaters save and freeze their cum. Then they will either suck on a cum cube like you do or blend it into a nice big cum shake and sip that during our session. Mixing cum with your food is a fun way to enjoy lots and lots of cum in one serving!

  • Tom

    i would love for you to tell me to eat my own cum

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