The Taboo of Cum Eating


There’s something very naughty about doing something that is considered risky or not mainstream. Before anal sex became common that was the very naughty thing to do. Now it’s a wide variety of things including eating your own cum.

But why is it taboo?

Well first of all, it seems strange because it comes after the orgasm. It’s a societally accepted belief that the orgasm is what you are striving for. That’s where you get the most pleasure. So why would you be aroused by something that comes after?

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For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

Arousal isn’t as black and white as that though and cum eating is a perfect example. You have a desire to taste your own cum because it’s part of your fantasy. And yes, the fact that it is considered taboo plays into that.

Cum eating also plays against the typical idea of what a man should do for his sexual release. Men are supposed to be all about the ‘cock in pussy’ and nothing else. So getting arousal from a different place is very different indeed. Does it make you feel like less of a man when you put your fingers to your lips and dart out your tongue for a taste?

But that ties into the fantasy as well. I’ve had guys tell me that part of the reason they love cum eating is because it makes them feel more vulnerable and less strong. And for that moment when you are gobbling up cum, you aren’t a strong man but a submissive cum slut just like you want to be.

The other reason why cum eating is taboo is because it’s considered ‘gay’. The idea that you only want to taste cum because you are gay is an outdated one. There are plenty of straight guys who enjoy the taste of their own cum.

All of these reasons add up to a taboo fantasy that can make your toes curl and your mouth water.  So tell me, does the fact that cum eating is taboo play into your fantasy at all?

14 comments to The Taboo of Cum Eating

  • Robert

    I am turned on by the thought of eating my own cum because it extents the sexual act beyond the orgasm. Also the fact that it is taboo and/or different from the norm makes it exciting in itself. I find it extremely erotic for my lady to scoop up some of my cum and slowly feed it to me and/or share it with me. Licking it up from various areas of her body is also quite fun and extends the session or may even start a second volley of play.

  • […] she says, studying the huge stain of pre-cum on the front.  “Your mouth will do.  Open, and eat your cum.”  She shoves the panties into my mouth, using a gag.  Then she tells me to get down on the […]

  • jbarths

    I’ve overcome any problems eating my cum and have been daring enough to post lots of pictures. That makes it even hotter. Knowing people are looking at you eating your cum while you eat your cum.

  • jbarths

    Yes it’s a big turn on. I used to work with a woman who looked like Halle Berre. Somehow the topic came up and she wanted to see videos. I watched her as she watched me eating my cum – mostly through self facials. I had about 10 hours of video of just my cumshots so you can just imagine how much I had. Recently I was dared by a woman to save and drink a large amount of cum. Turned out to be six oz.

  • jbarths

    Check the photos out in my album. I’ve had lots of practice and your comments are great incentive.

  • Catch Me

    Ms. Layla do you remember how long it took me to admit my cum eating fantasy to you? At least 6 phone calls! You really were patient and understanding, letting me admit my fantasy in my own time. I really didn’t understand why I was so turned on by eating my own cum until we talked about it. I’m still turned on by it being a bit dirty but you’ve really helped me to see that its OK to feel that way.

    • Layla

      Catch Me you’ve come such a long way from those first phone calls! I remember how you had convinced yourself that there was something wrong with you for wanting to eat cum. I also remember how amazed you were the first time you did it! I bet you were convinced no one could get you to eat your own cum! Now look at you, you love feeling like the slutty little cum eater that you are!

  • […] Dickless had called before and always promises to eat his cum for me.  As I tease and deny him, he swears to me that he will taste his cum for the first time, but, […]

  • Eating one’s own cum is definitely a taboo. And I think that taboo and kinkiness factor is what makes it so hot for many guys! It’s not something guys often do and is considered nasty or dirty by many, I’m sure. But that partly makes it so hot for some of us to do! I’m one who loves swallowing my cum. Thanks for an awesome site, I’ll definitely check much more stuff here!

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