Getting Flexible for Cum Eating

One of the questions I get asked most often is “What’s the best position for me to eat my cum?”.  Of all the positions you can take the only one that is important is the one that works.  How can you be sure that your your cum actually reaches your mouth?  The question is… flexible are you and what are you willing to try? Most people start out eating cum from their fingers or belly.  That’s a great way to start but soon you’ll want to enhance the experience and pleasure.  I suggest you try different positions while stroking.  It may take some time until you can get all the way into a position but half the fun is trying isn’t it?  I recommend the following yoga positions to help you get into optimum cum catching shape.

Yoga For Cum Eating Flexibility

The cat-cow pose will develop abdominal strength as well as increase your flexibility.  The Plow pose will stretch your hamstrings, spine and shoulders.  See how you like these!  I’ll be recommending more poses in the future.

Cat – Cow Stretch

Start with a neutral (flat and relaxed) spine.  Think of the spine as a straight line connecting the shoulders to the hips.  On all fours, bring the wrists underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips.  Keep the neck a natural extension of the spine.

Cow Pose on the inhale

Curl the toes under and drop your belly.  Gaze up toward the ceiling letting the movement in the spine start from the tailbone, so that that neck is the last part to move.

Cat Pose on the exhale

Release the tops of the feet to the floor and round the spine.  Drop the head and bring your gaze to your navel.

Repeat the Cat – Cow Stretch on each inhale and exhale, matching the movement to your own breath.  Continue for 5-10 breaths, moving the whole spine. After your final exhale, come back to a neutral spine.

Plow Pose

Position a folded blanket under the shoulders. The head and neck should be off the blanket. Lie on your back.  Using your abdominal muscles, lift your legs over your head until the toes touch the floor behind your head.  Interlace your fingers behind your back and straighten the arms.  Roll the shoulders under one at a time.  Your hips should be aligned over the shoulders.  To come out of this pose, roll out of the pose slowly, one vertebra at a time, keeping the legs straight and feet together.

If you are a beginner or not that flexible you can practice the pose at the wall so that your feet will hit the wall when they come over head.

 Practice Makes Perfect

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Getting into the perfect position takes time and practice.  Keeping an open and creative mind makes it easier and much more fun to accomplish your goal!  Play with pictures in your head, practice to increase flexibility and body awareness and have fun!  You will be able to find things that work and things that won’t work rather easily.

8 comments to Getting Flexible for Cum Eating

  • wellspanked

    Long gone are the days where I could sit in a chair, roll my chin down, bending forward, grab the legs of chair and pull myself down so I get the tip of my cock in my mouth.

    Thanks to injuries to my lower back, and just general loss of flexibility that won’t happen again.

    I’m going to try both of these. I’ve never been much into yoga but the stretches really do work. Sun Salutation has got to be one of the best overall stretches, and something I do almost every day.

    • Layla

      Oh wellspanked what a vision I’m having now! Not to mention the jealous pangs you have created in more than a few readers. Gradually getting into a few yoga poses, setting the right intention and focusing on form will help with your flexibility and overall health! I agree with you, Sun Salutation is an amazing stretch and one I’m particularly fond of. Have you thought of partner yoga? You know one good stretch deserves another and from then on who knows where you can go!

  • Pauly

    Ohhh I feel so good after my stretches. I’ve been practicing for a week and can already get myself closer than ever before! Ms. Layla our call the other day really helped. You watching me on cam, adjusting some of my poses and encouraging me to stay and go deeper into the moment had me believing in myself. If you haven’t tried a call with Ms. Layla you are missing someone special. She has a unique perspective and such empathy. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as comfortable on a first call as I did with her.

    • Layla

      Thank you so much Pauly! We had a really great connection right from the start. The time we spent before our call in IM and e-mail really helped. Me getting to know you better, your motivations and desires had you so relaxed and ready. Your goal of getting deeper into your poses and getting more from them is an excellent one and will have benefits far beyond your cum eating goal.

  • TeeShot

    Ms. Layla thanks for the great blog post! I’ve been wanting to learn about yoga. My girlfriend goes a lot and I’d like to be as flexible as her! I’ve tried the poses you mentioned and have really enjoyed them. Maybe I can show you on cam someday! I can’t wait to surprise my girlfriend!

    • Layla

      Hey There TeeShot! Good for you! Not only are you getting more flexible you are learning something you can do with your girlfriend! Look for the next installment of poses that you can incorporate into your practice. As for watching you on cam? I’d love to see you “perform” on cam for me!

  • TeeWee

    I like the idea of combining yoga with cum eating. Not only do I get the benefit of being more flexible I take the time I’m practicing my poses to really think about cum, why I like it so much and different ways I can enjoy it. I’m looking forward to the next series of poses. Thanks Ms. Layla.

    • Layla

      Hey there TeeWee thanks for commenting. I’m so glad you are practicing the yoga poses and getting more flexible to enjoy your eating cum! Meditation while in your poses is an important part of yoga. I’ve just started a 5 part series on this blog, experiencing cum using your 5 senses. Looking at cum in a whole new way to enhance your enjoyment of it. I hope you enjoy the posts!

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