The Cum Eating Point of No Return

This one goes out to all you guys who have yet to experience your first time as a cum eater. Or perhaps you are an experienced cum eater and want to relish your first adventurous swallow all over again.

Many a cum eater had their first experience with a kinky partner, you know the . . . → Read More: The Cum Eating Point of No Return

Cum Cocktails

It’s Summertime and the .Cum Easy

Summertime warmth, barbecues and picnics all mean it’s time for cocktails. The key part of that word is cock, and what comes in cocks?  That’s right, cum!  What better way

Cum Cube Anyone?

to spice up a nice summer libation than to add a healthy dose . . . → Read More: Cum Cocktails

A First Time Cum Eater

He Confessed His Cum Eating Fantasy To Me

Recently, I had an email from a caller, who confessed his cum-eating fantasy, and told me he wanted to explore it with me.  As a Cum Mistress, how could I refuse, so we set

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

up a . . . → Read More: A First Time Cum Eater

A Cum Eaters Picnic

A Wonderful Day for a Cum Eater’s Picnic

Eat Your Cum For Mistress Layla 800-601-6975

It’s such a beautiful day out.  Want to go on a picnic with Ms. Layla?  It will be a very special kind of picnic – a cum eater’s picnic!  You do so love the taste of your own . . . → Read More: A Cum Eaters Picnic

Ms. Layla And The Submissive Cum Eater

If you haven’t read Part I, you should check it out on Tell Me Your Fantasy…

A Date With Destiny

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

From your first tentative knock you knew this is where you would end up, kneeling in front of me in supplication.  I can see . . . → Read More: Ms. Layla And The Submissive Cum Eater

Body Adoration…with Cum!

A Sexy Massage

This month on Kink Classroom, I’m writing about body worship.  Over there, it’s all about the journey, not the finish line, but here, your Cum Mistress Laylais going to let

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

you stroke and cum while you adore my body…but there will . . . → Read More: Body Adoration…with Cum!

Encouraging A Cum Eater

Tell Layla Your Cum Eating Fantasy

Cum Eating Words and Feelings

In my last post here on Eat Your Own Cum, I wrote about trigger words.  Those words I can use to get you to taste and eat your own cum, to get you past the initial hesitancy if you’re a novice, or . . . → Read More: Encouraging A Cum Eater

Triggering Your Cum Eating Fantasy

Powerful Cum Eating Words


What Are Your Cum Eating Trigger Words

Eat your cum.  That’s a good boy, do it for me.  Do it now!  Do those words trigger a reaction in you?  Do you slip into your cum eating fantasy when you hear them?  And what is that fantasy?  Are you . . . → Read More: Triggering Your Cum Eating Fantasy

Mistress Layla’s New Schedule

Listen up all you cum eaters and spunk slurpers, I have a new summer schedule!  By now you all know that I have a spiritual side and my love of Tantra.  Well, I’ve been

Ms. Layla Your Cum Eating Mistress

invited to study with a Tantrika that I’ve admired for years.  For the . . . → Read More: Mistress Layla’s New Schedule

Adventures With My Cum Buddy

In my last  post I started to tell you about my new cum eating buddy, Monkey Spanker Wanker.  We spent awhile setting up our first call as a “dinner date” and let me tell you, as a date he didn’t disappoint!  Smart, witty and impeccably dressed in crotchless fishnet hose, and oh yes, did . . . → Read More: Adventures With My Cum Buddy