Learning To Love Cum

Cum eating is like drinking coffee….or beer.  The first sip never tastes that good.  There’s a weird, unfamiliar taste and you are unsure whether you will enjoy it.  But eventually you do.  In fact, you can learn to love it!

I know plenty of people who can’t start their day without their morning coffee!

Cum is the same way.

How Does It Taste?

Guys who are curious about eating cum always focus on the taste.  They wonder if it will taste bad, what it actually tastes like.  Is it salty like girls always say it is?  What is the consistency like?

Is it really that bad?

Layla 800-356-6196

No!  Cum doesn’t taste that bad at all!  But….it does take some getting used to.  If you have a cum drinking fantasy, then perhaps we can make that a reality with a coached cum eating phone sex call!  But, there’s still an aspect that repulses you a bit, isn’t there?

That’s why I love coached cum eating.  To be honest, I know you will do anything to please your Mistress.  You crave my approval and affection.  You want me to help you push those boundaries.  Even though you may at first be hesitant about cum eating, I guarantee you that when I am done you will be craving more.  You’ll be a veritable cum slut!

Behaviors change throughout our life through conditioning, you can be conditioned to appreciate and enjoy the taste of cum.  I’m going to turn you into a cum connoisseur.  We will start off slow (just like that first sip of coffee) but soon you will be slurping it down and sucking it off your fingers.  Trust me, I am a Mistress who is an accomplished phone sex storyteller.  With your eyes closed you’ll be able to see and feel everything I describe.

Trust me, if you’ve ever had a cum eating fantasy then its high time it was turned into a reality, don’t you think? This audio is just what you need to get you “in the mood”!

15 comments to Learning To Love Cum

  • wellspanked

    I’m glad things are revving back up on the eat your cum blog. Coached cum eating season must be back in full swing…lol

    Guess I may have to get back into cum eating shape now.

    • Layla

      Wellspanked! I’ve missed that deliciously pink posterior! Things are indeed revving up here at the cum blog. Ms. Violet, Ms. Olivia and I are excellent motivators. Need some cum eating boot camp? We’re the Mistresses for you!

  • Rob

    Excellent article, thank you Ms Layla.

  • Rob

    Ms Layla, the idea of having my boundaries pushed in order to please a Mistress is enticing.

    • Layla

      One of the things that I really enjoy is helping people find and then push past their boundaries. How are you ever going to know if you enjoy something if you don’t experience it?

  • dave

    I have become a devoted regular caller of Ms Layla. We have discussed the topic of Cum eating many times during our IM conversations. She has known that it has been a fantasy for some time but never pushed the issue. We’ve had several wonderful, fulfilling calls. Today she decided that it was time. She asked that I turn my cam on for this call. This too was a new experience. She painted an erotic fantasy, as always, building me up…holding me there…building more and more excitement…she had me stop and give myself one long upstroke. This produced a a healthy drop …well more of a small stream of pre Cum….she had me collect on my finger and clean it off with my tongue…I was so hot by then I would have done anything for her…then again she starts to build me up again..over and over…then she whispered in my ear.” I’m going to make you Cum soon and I want you to eat your Cum for me. You will eat for me won’t you” What could I say other than yes..”Yes, what?” Was her tease…she made me say it..that I would eat my own Cum for her….Then after speeding up my strokes the whispers returned…”Are you ready to Cum for Me?….Cum for me…” She had me keep stroking until I milked the last drop out…she gave me a few brief moments to catch my breath before she told me to lick my hand clean…after Cumming so hard the idea had lost most of Its appeal. But how could I refuse my loving mistress….I brought my hand to my mouth and closed my eyes and cleaned it as she watched on cam….I don’t think I’ve ever felt more submissive than I did at that moment…nor have I felt closer to her.

    • Layla

      Oh dave I was so proud of you! We’ve been talking about this and you’ve been wanting to push your boundaries for some time and yesterday was the day. It was amazing watching you on cam for the first time, seeing your hesitation and final surrender. And you did all this to please me, I am honored! I know your state of submission stayed with you long after our call.

  • Phil

    I had a fantastic call with Layla a while back. I have always been intrigued by eating my cum, and I chose Layla after chatting with her a bit on messenger. When the call happened, Layla immediately put me at ease. Talking with her was like talking to a close friend. A close sexy friend. Well, we took our time, and by the time the end of the call was nearing, Layla had me so excited that I was not at all hesitant about what was going to happent next. Rather I was happily ready to follow her instructions, eager to please, and eager to try. When a woman can make everything seem so natural and fun (even with feet flung over head) I can say I happily licked it all up, and felt great about the whole experience. Thanks Laya!

    • Layla

      Phil not only was it our first call it was your first time! Its always so exciting to me when I can bring you past the point of no return and we both know what’s going to happen next. Having that pre-call contact is so important. Whether IM or e-mail getting to know you better is not only fun its key to a great call! Now that you’ve had your first “taste” of cum eating I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

  • Phil

    Me Either Layla! looking forward to it!

  • Mistress Delia

    I love the sexy interaction between dave and Ms. Layla. That is exactly how one should feel…submissive…when eating cum for one’s Mistress.

    Thanks for sharing the dynamic!

    Ms. Delia

    • Layla

      Ms. Delia you should know! We’ve done some amazing 2 Mistress cum eating calls. Those strokers were so “inspired” they had no choice but to lick up every drop!

  • susan9316

    It is certainly true that you can learn to love cum. i am fully committed to eating my cum for Mistress Violet whenever i am permitted release, an act of devotion that i look forward to in hopes of pleasing her.

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