Introducing a Newbie to Cum Eating

Learning to eat cum

As a Cum Mistress, I love introducing a new cum curious friend to the joys and pleasures of eating their own cum.  There are so many methods.  I can have them stroke, and then lick it from their fingers.  I can stroke them, and feed them my fingers.  I can have them come into a dish and lick it up, just like a pussy drinking up cream.  A picnic with cum as the condiment works too.  Usually, the gift of being allowed release is enough to get them to eat their own cum.  Sometimes though, a newly born cum buddy may need some other reward.  Perhaps they are a true service submissive and orgasms aren’t their focus, pleasing me is.  Or, maybe they are in chastity, and aren’t allowed release at that time.  Maybe they just need more to get them over their spermataphobia (that’s the fear of eating semen – don’t ever say you don’t learn here at Eat Your Own Cum!)  In that case, I have a very special, very intimate way of introducing them to cum eating – direct from my pussy.

A Special Treat

Yummy Cum For You To Lick

Yummy Cum For You To Lick

I know you like to lick my pussy, and it gives me such pleasure, so it’s a win-win for both of us.  I could have my lover come over, give me a nice long love making session, and then let you clean up after him, but that wouldn’t be you eating your own cum, and that’s for more advanced cum sluts.  No, I’ve had to figure out a way to get your cum inside of me, without letting you have sex with me.  An ejaculating dildo does the trick.  I can either have you stroke and cum, or if you’re in chastity, I’ll save some from one of your rare release days.  I’ll fill the bulb up with your cum and then slide that dildo slowly inside of me, enjoying all the feelings.  The other great thing about an ejaculating dildo?  It doesn’t cum until I’m finished!

Licking your own cum

When I’m done, when I’ve had all the pleasure I can stand, I’ll squeeze that bulb on the dildo and fill myself with your cream.  Then I’ll motion you over, and give you the command you’ve been waiting for, “Lick.”  Just that one word sends shivers down a newbie’s spine, as he bends down, tentative at first and starts to lick.  As he tastes his cum mixed with my juices, his tongue starts delving deeper into me, getting into every nook and cranny and swallowing down all that white goo.  Another win-win for me?  By the time he’s finished, I’ve gotten off one more time!  I’ll just lay back, sated, and pat him lovingly on the head.

5 comments to Introducing a Newbie to Cum Eating

  • Auburnman_36832

    Wow that is so incredibly hot. I have long had the desire to eat my own cum and then progress to sucking a real cock. These are two of my fantasies along with being taken by a beautiful women wearing a strap on. I even purchased an 8″ dildo that I have taught myself to deep throat. Anyway I took the cum eating plunge the other day. I was sitting in the bathroom jacking off and had a strong desire to take the big leap. I knew if I came too much I’d back out of it. Looking at the wife’s makeup table in front of me, I saw her makeup mirror. The mirror itself swivels and I thought to myself it would make the perfect flat surface to catch my cum. I set it on the floor in front of me and began to stroke my cock, bringing myself right up to the point of release and then backing off. After several times of that I was able to stop quick enough to only release a small dollop of cum, about the size of a quarter, onto the mirror. My plan was then to watch myself eating cum. I was so turned on as I looked into the mirror and watched myself stick my tongue into the cum. At first I just played with it on the tip of my tongue. Then I brought my lips to the mirror and gentle slurped it into my mouth. I sat there and just stared at the cum as it sat on my tongue. I pushed it out onto my lips, imagining that a huge cock had just cum all over and in my mouth. Then licking it back off my lips, I let it collect on my tongue again. I used my tongue to spread it all around the inside of my mouth. Finally with it back on my tongue, I tilted my head back and let it slide toward my throat. With a big swallow, down it went!!! What a rush!!!

    • Layla

      Auburnman thank you for sharing your first time cum eating story with us! There’s something special about the first time isn’t there. I love the mirror idea, I often have my cum slurpers gaze at themselves in the mirror and afterward describe to me exactly with they see.

      You really tasted your cum didn’t you. Making sure you hit all your tastebuds, playing with it on your tongue. Did it feel/taste differently on different parts of your face and mouth?

      How about next time you suck cum off my strap-on right before I start your training!

  • Auburnman_36832

    It was an awesome experience. I can’t wait to do it again. Sucking and licking cum from your strap on sounds mind blowing and absolutely delicious!!

    • Layla

      Auburnman you are no longer a cum eating newbie! I am so proud of you, it was so hot hearing you eat your cum for me. What a great way to lead up to your cum eating, 30 minutes of hot and erotic stroking instruction getting you to the point of no return. And before you knew it, legs over head and a cum facial with most of it splashing into your mouth! Oh yes, you’ll be sucking cum from my dildo sooner than you think!

  • Bob

    Mistress Lala, you broke my cum eating cherry. I’ve thought of it many times. Would love to like my cum from anywhere you want.

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