Welcome to Eat Your Own Cum

We welcome you to the hot, new blog completely devoted to cum connoisseurs!

Because you are reading this page, you certainly have at very least the curiosity about cum eating. We are here to help you go through with your fantasies.

Do you think about eating cum? Maybe you are just too scared to actually do it, though. Sit back, relax and close your eyes. Imagine eating your load of hot, juicy cum after it has been teased right from your cock? Oh, but haven’t you tasted your pre-cum and wondered what your real cum would taste like? Of course you have.

Please me with your cum eating technique!

Excellent! Right now congratulate yourself for finding this blog. You are in the right place. There are so many sexy things that men can learn to help them eat their cum. Here you will find out as many of those ways as you need to get up enough courage to eat your cum!

Maybe you have already learned how exciting it is to drink down that creamy load, to lick it out of your hand, to shoot it into a shot glass and throw your head back and enjoy. Maybe you are even more creative and have even thought up some cum recipes. You are absolutely in the right place!

Want to know a secret? It is so exciting and pleases a Mistress to watch you eat your own cum on a webcam. We suggest you get one quickly so we can watch this secret pleasure!

Here’s some fun information you need to know. This blog is designed to teach you how to eat your own cum, provide you with taste tested cum recipes, tips for how to get your cum to taste better (We women know these things!), and you’ll even share some fun with polls, jokes, and cum eating songs.  Oh, and this blog is designed to be interactive! So you will be posting comments and even get assignments requiring you to go over to Enchantrix Empire, our kinky social networking site. Get ready to spill it!


About Mistress Delia and Mistress Layla:

Mistress Delia can be a bit on the hardcore side. She enjoys (on the lighter side of things) cock control, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, chastity, and cum eating. She especially loves watching you on cam. Nothing turns her on more!

Mistress Layla’s sensuous voice will have you so mesmerized she’ll have you eating out of your own hand.  Watching you on cam as she teases and ultimately denies you is a favorite of hers.  She’ll take control of your cock…ruined orgasm, chastity and, of course, cum eating.

There are lots of ways to reach us!

Want to text about cum eating? Get a sexy text sessionat http://sexytexting.com

Want to eat that load in the morning? Get a hot wake up call at http://wakeupsexy.com

Or simply call!

Call us now: 800-601-6975
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$2.50 a minute with a 10 Minute minimum
Billed to a major credit card

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43 comments to Welcome to Eat Your Own Cum

  • Gummy Bear

    I will certainly be visiting your blog often, even though I am on permanent denial and there is no way I’d eat another man’s cum, but I find the whole cum eating dynamic to be fascinating. When I was allowed to have orgasms, I would often think about eating my own cum, it’s a HOT fantasy, but after the release and when push came to shove, I would more often than not end up not eating my cum. If I would have had a Mistress on the phone telling me to eat it, then no problem. In fact, I’ve eaten my own cum on numerous occasions but never as often as the fantasy. When I’m milked, I’ve committed to eating the discharge, which I am assuming is the same as cum. I’ll let you know whether or not they taste the same.

    • Layla

      Gummy you are our first official member of the Cum Club! You beat out castaway by a mere 6 minutes! The early gummy gets the cum! Hehe. Since you seem to be in permanent denial you’ll have your own special Cum Club chapter, the Milked Club. Of course you get your own tee shirt “Got Milked?” I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the different tastes, that is if Ms. Constance ever gives you release! We are honored to have you as the charter member of the Cum Club!

  • castaway

    Ms Layla & Ms Delia,

    I just wanted to congratulate the both of you on your impending collaboration here. This is a topic that has produced entertaining audios in LDW land and on teasemania.com. Personally speaking, I have had some play involving the “pre” but not very much involving the “post”. I presume this revelation is not exactly breaking new ground. Nevertheless, I look forward to future posts and perhaps even hearing a finished theme song. (go, Ms Layla!)

    • Layla

      Castaway you are our official 2nd Cum Club member!!! Woo Hoo, you get a hot 2 mistress call with Ms. Delia and me, I just know we’ll all have an amazing time! You are definitely not alone in your “post” release reluctance. Who knows, you could become the Cum Club’s most enthusiastic cum eater with our guidance. I love that you are one of the first members of our group and can’t wait for our call. Your submission of a theme song is definitely one of the most unique I’ve seen so far!

  • wellspanked

    Thank you very for creating this new blog. As some of the mistresses already know I have a desire to be told to eat my cum. When left alone it’s not something I can bring myself to do, but on cam it doesn’t take much urging. A simple command from my mistress and I will swallow it all. I’m looking forward to reading and commenting on this and can’t wait to be part of the club.

    • Layla

      Welcome to the Cum Club wellspanked. You can rest assured that Ms. Delia and I will have you eating out of your own hand with pleasure. And since you are one of the first members of the Club you you can eat your cum for us using your free call! Since Wednesday night all calls are donated to Ms. Catherine’s Japan aid think about calling in then!

      • wellspanked

        Thank you very much Ms Layla and to Ms Delia. I see what I can do with my schedule on Wednesday, but certainly can’t wait to follow your instructions the first chance I get.

  • I would love to be a member of your cum eating club, Beautiful Mistress Layla. I couldn’t think of a higher honor that a slave could attain. Normally, I would not consider doing this, but, for you, I would, of course. The thought of doing that for TWO very hot Mistresses is so exciting to me. Good luck with the new club !!!

    • Layla

      slave tom we are honored to have you in the Cum Club. I can’t want for you to use your free call with Ms. Deila and me, we’re going to have you begging for the honor of eating your cum for us.

  • NB

    It seems like there is no end of fabulous sites from you ladies! I find it both arousing and scary, and cannot imagine what the two of you can do as a team.

    I am one of those types that every time I think this will be the time I go through with it, I always chicken out after the “moment of truth” arrives.

  • Weenie

    Not totally sure why this a fetish for me, but I think that it stems from knowing that being a man with a small penis and a submissive personality, I am well aware that I can never please a woman sexually. Unfortunately, I am a heterosexual man and have a great need to please beautiful women ….. so I have to find other ways to do that. That is why I am so profoundly grateful that there are dominant women out there like Layla and Delia who find pleasure by having men like me grovel and humiliate themselves in service of them. During a call I find the idea of eating my own cum for her so erotic, but after ejaculation I normally can’t bring myself to do it unless, first she is watching on cam and second I do it right in my own face and mouth (legs over the head). There’s really no backing out that way. Its really the ultimate act of service to a beautiful woman.

    • Layla

      Welcome Weenie! You’ve definitely found an interesting way to explore your cum eating fantasy. There’s nothing more erotic than the connection we create while watching you on cam stroke, get into position and then….well….the end result is inevitable. I love that you offer yourself as a way to please and honor us. Since you are one of our initial Cum Club members we’ll get to see your flexible performance on cam shortly!

  • Ladyspet

    The trick is you have to do it fast before the post release reluctance kicks in

    • Layla

      Ladyspet you are so right! Sometimes its all about closing your eyes, opening your mouth and getting it down before your brain has time to catch up with your eyes!

      • Ladyspet

        It also helps giving total control to your Mistress. If that’s what She wants then you do it. If I’m reluctant, I still haven’t given over control yet.

  • rob4001

    i’m glad you two lovely Mistresses have started this blog, as it’s clearly a hot topic in EE/LDW. i find the idea extremely erotic, and seems (to me) to be one of the true signs of commitment and submission to your Mistress. After all, if She is kind enough to allow release, surely you should eat your cum if it pleases Her or it’s what’s required to be allowed release. While i have done this a few times in the past (and only my own), like most guys i lose the urge almost immediately. Hence, the need for firm direction from a Mistress to finish the task immediately after i release. i am fortunate to serve Mistress Violet, and we’re still in the early stages of our relationship, so this topic has not come up. But if/when it does, my suspicion is that with a bit of her guidance, if this is what She requires, then i will, as always try to please her.

    • Delia

      Thank you for your reply, rob!

      You are quite lucky to be serving Ms. Violet. She is wonderful. I am sure when this topic comes up, she will know exactly how to handle you. You’re in good hands!

      Ms. Delia

      • rob4001

        Ms. Delia:

        You are most welcome for the feedback. Does this mean i’m an official member of the club?

        And i certainly agree….Ms. Violet is wonderful. i am most happy to place myself in her hands…or any other way she requires.

        Thanks again to you and Ms. Layla for organizing this. i am sure many will benefit from it.

  • Aaron Jacobsen

    I think with the both of you Milady’s and with the others mentioned in your show tonight Milady Delia. How can one not refuse to at least read the blogs and learn. I honestly never knew that food affected the taste of cum. That was new to me. You sure do make it enticing for a kink to potentially explore, and to figure out. But to be honest it might still be on the “intense” side of me. A vanilla contemplating to devour one’s own seed”. I have only had oysters once, and that was in Paris, and I accidentally started chewing wen I was not supposed to and just swallow. I still remember the texture of that, and that was back in 1998. But fair is fair I guess if us men enjoy a woman swallowing, we should learn to do the same?

    • Layla

      Oysters in Paris, how divine! I can understand the reluctance and certainly the memory of something so alien in your mouth after so many years. Sweetie while you may be vanilla, you are the kind of vanilla that’s so good, so rich, so decadent it needs nothing else to be sumptuous. I love that you want to try and who knows, you may enjoy it or you may decide its not for you. No matter the outcome you’ll always be able to say I did it! So like when you were a naughty boy and didn’t eat your vegetables…. “Open wide, here comes the choo choo!”

  • philliz

    i have eaten my own cum in a couple of ways, one with legs over head and wanked into own face and mouth, then another time on webcam for a mistress i only knew online, had to cum in a glass then drink it, next time i had to rub it all over my face. nowadays search for videos online encouraging jack off/cum eating but dont always eat it, easier for me if i ruin orgasm/milk self then no orgasm and easier to consume no post orgasm guilt.

    • Layla

      philliz are you ready to take your already creative cum eating and explore new and exciting ways to enjoy? I love that you’ve rubbed it all over your face like a cum facial. I’ve had many a man do that and he’s always thanked me for it afterward. I like your ruined orgasm thought, and you are correct, there’s no danger of post orgasm guilt. Sort of Cum eating light!

  • W

    This is such a hot topic for me and am so glad I’ve found the “Club”. I’ve tasted a little, but have never been able to clean up afterwards. I know this is why I find it so arousing. Thank you for creating this site!

    • Layla

      You are welcome w. Cum eating is a hot topic for lots of people, especially the Mistresses here at LDW! Trust me, we have ways that will take you beyond your “tasting” and right into enjoying every little drop!

  • jbshot

    How do I join the club? I like to put my legs over my head and shoot into my mouth for mistress Lauren and mistress Jasmine. I would love to do it for Layla and Delia too.

    • Layla

      jbshot it sounds like Ms. Lauren and Ms. Jasmine have trained you well! The Cum Club can always use a well trained member, you’ll be a shining example to everyone else!

  • Sparkie

    So glad I found this site. I have a unique story, my wife is disabled and unable to meet my sexual needs so around 2005 I began to masturbate on a regular basis. Like most guys I would shoot off in a rag and be done with it. I always have eaten my precum, love it and one day I just got to thinking what a waste to be shooting all this cum and wasting it, so I began tasting just a little, and it was not bad. That lead to licking my fingers clean, then finally I got my special shot glass and I have been eating every load I produce for over 5 years now. I find I actually grave it and my mouth with water as I stroke my cock!! Every man should eat his own cum, good for him, and no mess.

    • Layla

      Sparkie you are wise as well as neat and clean! Welcome to the Cum Club we are indeed lucky to have you. I truly admire your dedication to your marriage and unique way in dealing with adversity. I’ve just posted a poll on Enchantrix Empire asking for member’s first time cum eating stories. You are ahead of the curve already!

  • maria

    This is so exciting. I see it as an important first step. How right you are, Mistresses, that it is so hard to do it alone.
    P.S. tried to subscribe, didn’t succeed

  • Rock

    Hi Mistress Layla.. This is GREAT .. I am going to be Your lifetime member … Been waiting for something new like this ( Empress Hunter is Great but it is nice to see some new Mistresses doing sessions )… You need to have some sorta (webcam) cum eating contest( to see who can eat the most for You )..

  • Rock

    Yep Mistress Layla its a Challenge .. You need to start a Cum petition ( A cum eating competition.. AKA a cum eating contest lol ).. Could go something like this if you like …

    Callers would have to notify You ( at the begging of their call) that they would like to be in “The Cum eating Contest”.. They would then have to log onto their web cam ( through Yahoo or whatever )and invite You to view their web cam .. Callers would then have to jerk , shoot and eat as many cum loads as they possibly can for You (The amount of time the caller picks is how long he gets ).. Run the “Cum Eating Contest ” for like three wks ( or so )..

    The Winner gets to be Your Top Cum Eater and gets a sexy pic or You ( or something like that).. Whatcha think ?? I will be your first Cum Eating contestant

  • Rock

    Edit : Gets a sexy pic OF You .. not or You .. lol ..

  • gMan

    What a terrific site! Thank you both so much for your hard work on it.

  • Rob4001

    Ms. Delia

    In our last session, Ms Violet told me I’d be eating my cum, which was not a total surprise as we’d talked about it previously, and I had told her I’d joined the Cum Club . While i was not quite in the feet over head position, and was a bit worn out due to numerous stroking sessions that same week with her, I was able to cum all over my chest and then scooped some up and immediately ate it. Ms Violet was pleased, and I am sure there will be more of this in the future. As I’ve said before, eating my cum seems to me the ultimate act of submission, and if that’s what’s required to please Ms Violet, than i will always do my best to obey.

  • Cumslut Mike

    Hello. I am a cum addicted “male ” whore. I like women who call me a whore and bitch, laugh at me when I swallow my cum for them. I like women that want me, I shoot myself, that cum in my mouth. Women produce, my videos, show me your breasts do I jerk and I should swallow my sperm itself.
    I am for these women, a whore, a bitch, a slut, a Little cumeater. I want to be, it excites me. So I swallow my cum over and over again. And let me make custom videos. Does anyone want me to shoot one?
    Session or a Cam? You look to when I sip my cum, suck it with the tongue, the white cream swallow for you ….

    Interest in, cum eating instruction video production?
    😉 the little whore, Mike

  • Dan

    Wow, what a great post. I’ve been trying for months now to find the right inspiration to fulfill my cum eating fantasy. I haven’t tried a phone sex Mistress but I think I will! You definitely seem to know the right things to say to help me past my cum eating blocks.

    • Layla

      Hi Dan! Thank you for your comment. I know how hard it can be to want something so much yet it is so difficult to bring yourself to do it. Cum eating is an “acquired taste” and I’m here to help you take the steps to get there. I’ve helped many many callers realize their cum eating dreams and look forward to helping you too.

  • K Strong

    Your post really inspires me to explore my cum eating fantasies! How do I do this? I can’t wait until our first call where you can take me from fantasizing about cum eating to eating my own cum!

    • Layla

      Hi K. Strong and thank you for writing. I’m so glad my post inspired you. In our first phone sex call we’ll explore your fantasies and inspirations then take them and make them exactly what you need to push past any inhibitions you may feel. I always seek to connect on many different levels and really get to the heart of the matter so that every call is better and more intense than the last.

  • I have been a widower for 9 years now that masturbated on a regular basis. Only recently I began to take directions from a profesional transgendered friend in some exotic masturbatory techniques. I have enjoyed her diection to eat and swallow my cum and wondered why it took so long for me to enjoy this terrific treat. I like to cup my hand and look at that delicious white gravy before i slowly savor all. Your site is a wonderful addition to my enjoyment.

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