Cum Swallowing Tips!

Eating your own cum can take a little while to get used to. Don’t be afraid if the reality doesn’t match the fantasy at first. It takes a little while to get used to the taste and texture of eating cum. I like to compare it to when I first started drinking tea. At first, I didn’t like it at all, but a few cups in and I love it!

So here’s a few cum swallowing tips I’ve come up with for you.


It’s no surprise that your diet can have an effect on the taste of your cum. Things like too much garlic and onion can definitely affect your taste. Also red meat and dairy products can make your cum taste salter. If you are looking for a sweeter taste, drink lots of water and try to incorporate some citrus fruits like pineapple into the mix.


You may want to dilute the taste of your cum the first few times you try it to get used to the flavor. You can either dilute it with some water or alcohol or you can add it into

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your food items. Try mixing it into your coffee and see if there’s a difference. I guarantee you that you will be able to taste your cum but it won’t be overwhelming. Or spread it on some toast and let the jam mask the flavor a little.

 Health and Wellbeing

It may seem silly but taking care of yourself can actually improve the taste of your cum (and the size of your load). Alcohol and smoking will only do you harm when it comes to the taste of your sperm. Although it’s not been proven, people say that exercise contributes as well to the taste of your cum.

 Free Your Mind

It’s important to conquer the psychological side of cum eating as well. You may find yourself doing it very fast the first few times, in order to get the experience over with and get used to the taste. This shouldn’t diminish your fantasy at all. You will get to the point, rather quickly, where you can lick your cum off your fingers without any trouble at all!

So there are a few cum swallowing tips from me. I hope they’ve been helpful!


Mistress Layla

20 comments to Cum Swallowing Tips!

  • SteveZuku

    … and it must be good for us to recycle all those valuable minerals and vitamins!

    Ms Layla … it would be fun to devise something like the Japanese Tea Drinking Ceremony as a ritual for prolonging and intensifying the cum eating experience by serving it with tea.

    And also … whose a lucky boy! Juicy pineapples are on special at my store this week: two for a dollar!

    • Layla

      Steve I love the idea of ceremony and ritual. Like Tantra eating your own cum can really become a deeper more intense experience by adding ritual and ceremony. Future blog post forming!!!!

      Stock up on pineapples my dear, the day is soon approaching when you’ll be eating your own cum for this Mistress!

  • jbarths

    I found that I can edge out a big load then keep it in my mouth while I cum a second time. Pretty fun and raunchy. Try it.

  • jbarths

    Thanks Layla. You make it easy.

  • Kevinnnn

    Layla, I can’t get the thought if swallowing my cum off my mind! As soon as I cum I can’t swallow. I have only done it 3 times. I need to be the true cumslut you desire

  • jbarths

    Twice in a row I couldn’t bring myself to eat my cum. It is mental. I had hours of video of myself eating my cumshots and once drank six oz straight up so I’ve had hundreds of cumshots in my mouth but still have trouble sometimes. Just need to convince yourself to do it and imagine all the people watching you.

    • Layla

      jbarths! Twice in a row? Really? That’s too bad, you need to wrap your mind around the fact that you love cum eating! You’re right, it definitely can be challenging at times, but you just have to hear my voice in your head telling you to “do it for me”. I guarantee you’ll be eating happily in no time!

  • jbarths

    I fixed that problem and ate a huge load the other night after posting to you. Thanks. I uploaded some pictures to newbienudes and watched the numbers of people looking at me go up. Knowing I was being looked at made it easy. Keep up the fun postings!

  • Curious

    I to am very curious to drink / taste my own cum. The problem I have us as soon as I do cum, I cannot bring myself to taste or drink it! How can I make this fantasy a reality???

  • Adventurous

    I have the same problem, I go to cum and the urge dissappears, and I have tried the legs over head thing, and I got it once, but now it’s like I can’t even try any more because I know how it’s going to turn out

    • Layla

      Adventurous don’t give up on your cum eating fun! Maybe you need a bit of encouragement and support to get you past that moment. I know you can do it, let me help you!

  • Brian

    I’ve tasted my pre cum many times, but can’t get to tasting my cum after I finish. Any ideas?

    • Layla

      Boy do I have cum coaching ideas Brian! Its just a few short steps from tasting pre cum to slurping and enjoying! I think all you need is some cum eating encouragement.

  • Ryan

    Please coax me into eating my own cum!

  • Bill

    I can’t stop thinking about jerking off and swalowing my cum. Even now, my balls are growing tight at the thought. What I’d love is to lick beutiful pussy until my partner orgasms and then jerk off into my mouth, with encouragement of course.

  • Tasted twice today and plan to so the entire load tonight

  • Robbie

    I also like pre cum, it taste very good,and i like to try all my cum! And drink it from a glass. can you make me do that for real?

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