Cum Club Training Information

Ms Layla 800-601-6975

Hello cum connoisseurs. How are you progressing with your plans to eat your own cum? If you are not making the progress you want to make, or just want to make it better, Ms. Layla and I are here to coach you to taste, lick or swallow your cum. We have been talking and planning based on our Cum Club members’ emails and comments.

What have you decided?

Well that was the fun part. Many comments emailed to us at discussed how cum tasted just plain bad. Many asked if there was a way to change the taste of their cum. Rumors had been heard, but they asked us, the cum experts!

Ms. Layla and I came up with a Cum Sweetening recipe. Now, instead of just giving it to you, we want to really help our cum club members by allowing them a way to interact with us. For the next four weeks we will be giving a hosted chat in the community kink chat special events room. We have planned for this to start Sunday, June 5th at 10pm right after Ms’ Delia’s Cock Radio show, The Enchantrix Eavesdropper. These chats will be exclusive for cum club members.

Can you Say more about Hosted chats?

Absolutely. Each of the four chats will have a focus. For cum club members, we will be spending special time just to help you achieve your goal! If you are not a cum club member, become one! Leave a comment here with a safe email or just email TheCumMistresses as above with a safe email. That’s all you have to do. You will receive a spreadsheet so you can follow this blog for four weeks. Each chat will have a focus and a spreadsheet assignment. Here is a sneak peek:

  • June 6th / Week 1 : Training Recipe that we’ll customize over 28 days to suit everyone’s tastes
  • June 13th / Week 2 : Drinking water and finding ways to dilute the taste of cum
  • June 20th / Week 3 : Eliminating toxins to make your cum much more mild
  • June 27th / Week 4 : Cum Training introduction and information on where we are going next

Are you ready to get started? There will be many surprises along the way! Join the Cum Club, and follow us on Twitter. We can’t wait to help you eat it!

10 comments to Cum Club Training Information

  • wellspanked

    Sounds a like a great program you have planned already. I’ll try to make all the chats and I will actually have some time off during those weeks so I hope to fully participate. Can’t wait.

    • Layla

      Thank you wellspanked. We’re really excited about it too. The chats will start on Wednesday, June 15th and be held for the following 4 Wednesdays. Look for your assignment sheet and other information shortly!

  • Ashton

    I will lick\drink all the pre cum but when it comes to the full load of cum I lock up. I am hoping that this guided experience will help to unlock my potiental and make me a better gurl. My panties are wet just thinking about it, and yes I have been licking the pre cum off my finger…


  • Mitch

    Would like to become a cum club member! Can I still join in and review the last assignments?

  • susan9316

    It looks like i may be a little late for this but i hope i can still become a member. i would love for you to have me eat my cum for you every time.

    • Layla

      Its never too late to join the Cum Club! Welcome we are so glad you joined us. I can’t wait to see you eat your cum every time!

  • susan9316

    thanks so much. i am a cum eater in training. it seems only proper that a submissive sissy eats his/her sissy cream

  • Tasty

    Thanks for Cum Club!

    Can I please join.

    Was there a spreadsheet and some other info available by email to get me started?

    I may need some help eating my own yummy man milk.


    • Olivia

      Hi Tasty, we’ve taken a break for the Cum Club during the redesign of the new blog. Look for all of that excitement in blog posts themselves. But we can get started right here in the comments section. Tell us about yourself. What inspires you about eating your own cum. What kinds of *help* do you think would be most …… ummmmmm…effective with you? Tell us more and we’ll answer you here.

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