Cum Eating: The Sweetest Taboo

What’s the biggest turn-on for you about eating your own cum? Is it the fact that it’s considered taboo?

I have many callers who are already committed cum-eaters, and many others who are considering it and want to explore. This week, rather than discuss how good it is or how you can experiment with it, I’d very much like for you to consider why… why are you so turned on by it?

One perfectly good reason “why” is that cum eating just feels like a naughty thing to do, doesn’t it? I mean, I’m well aware that it isn’t the sort of thing you share with your work colleagues over the water cooler at the office! Like you, I have private things that are sexy and fun that I don’t want to share with acquaintances! I have to admit that this makes these “taboos” among the most sexually charged kinks I have; funnily, they’re not even that bad, but the simple fact that I see them as my private taboos can get me aroused just thinking about them.

Loose Lips?

Just imagine, what if someone got close to finding out your little secret? The fact that your wife or partner feeds you your pre-cum from her fingertips while she strokes you

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Lick Up Your Cum For Ms. Layla

for example; or that you just love to eat a nice creampie after you’ve cum in her pussy? Can you really trust your wife or partner? I mean really? Playing with your sense of security and trust around secrets and taboos can be very erotic indeed. Never knowing whether or not she’s telling her friends about your kinky fetish, and they are telling their partners… people who you may or may not happen to socialize with? Feels a bit risky doesn’t it? The risk of discovery is a part of what makes taboo very sexy indeed! You and I can have even more fun by tweaking that sense of risk.

Tweaking Taboos

Would you enjoy a little phone sex fantasy when it comes to the taboo nature of cum eating and the risk of discovery? As you know, I have a special fondness for cum eating roleplay. I would gladly be the person who has learned of your naughty secret. What if the person who found out about your naughty secret decided to have a little fun….how sexy would that be?

Creampie Fantasies: It’s Mistress Layla’s Turn

It’s Mistress Layla’s turn to enjoy the creampie. Not by eating it myself, of course. No… I mean by watching you eat it…  You had to know that I have many favorite cum eating fantasies!

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Donnie Dickless Becomes A Cum Eater

A Dickless Cum Eater

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Cum Eating With Your Partner

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Cum Straight From The Source

Cock Sucking Training

Cum Eating Training With Mistress Layla

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You Can Eat Your Own Cum In Chastity

It is not hard to incorporate cum eating with your chastity lifestyle—you can say “Yes” to both!  If you are committed to your chastity lifestyle and you’re into eating your own cum then let me show you how.

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Cum Eating – It’s All Cum And Games

There are so many kinds of fun to be had with cum eating, isn’t there. Let me tell you a few of my favorite ways to help you discover the sheer enjoyment, the sensation and the sweet saltiness…

Make A Snowball With Me?

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The Cum Eating Point of No Return

This one goes out to all you guys who have yet to experience your first time as a cum eater. Or perhaps you are an experienced cum eater and want to relish your first adventurous swallow all over again.

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Cuckold’s Creampie Confection

Cum-Eater’s Training

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Cum Cocktails

It’s Summertime and the …Cum Eating…is Easy

Summertime warmth, barbecues and picnics all mean it’s time for cocktails. The key part of that word is cock, and what comes in cocks?  That’s right, cum!  What better way

Cum Cube Anyone?

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