Shattering Cum Eating Myths

Shattering Cum Eating Myths

As the Mistress who gets you to eat your own cum, I get all kinds.  Men of every variety and stripe who share a common fascination with the delightfully kinky fun of semen ingestion.  So often I hear the excuse “But Mistress I can’t because (fill in the blank here).  I’m here to shatter a few myths and permanently remove them from your list of excuses.

Myth #1: I Won’t Like The Taste Of Cum

Like the taste or not, if you want to have a cum eating session with Me, it really doesn’t matter, you will be eating your cum at some point.  Does semen have a unique

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Lick Up Your Cum For Ms. Layla

taste?  Of course it does, and it’s unique to each person.  It’s even different from day to day, or it might depend upon the time of day.  I’ve talked about how you can sweeten the taste of your cum, and how your diet can change the taste, the consistency or the volume.  Every person is different.

Some of my cum buddies love the taste, and can’t get enough, and some just want to swallow it and get it over with.  Using the analogy of an oyster here is apropos –both because it’s an aphrodisiac, and because, let’s face it, it can look like a nice sticky puddle of cum.  Some love the taste, and will hold that oyster on their tongue, savoring all that texture, the sweet liquor.  Others just want to suck it down straight away, letting it slide quickly down their throat before they even taste it.  It’s the same with cum.  Nothing pleases me more than watching you hold it in your mouth, reveling in that rich, thick goo.  If you just swallow it down, that works too, because it’ arousing just knowing: you’re doing it for me.

Myth #2: Eating Cum Will Turn Me Gay!

I get asked this all the time!  There are no hormones or substances in semen that are magically going to turn you into something you are not.  You’re not going to suddenly find yourself on the prowl for cock every night.  This is Eat Your OWN Cum (although if you want to eat someone else’s that’s a fantasy I can certainly help you with!)  I may arrange you in certain positions so you get it “direct from the source,” but unless you want to be coached in sucking cock, or want to be my cuckold, it’s going to be all your own product.  Instead of thinking “Won’t this make me gay?”, think “This shows my devotion to my Mistress.  She derives pleasure from watching me clean up my own mess.”

Myth #3: Eating Cum Submissively Means  Weakness

Another analogy:  I know many submissive men who are paragons of control and dominance in their lives – oh, and some of them eat their own cum.  Do you think that diminishes any of the accomplishments they’ve achieved?  Of course it doesn’t.  It’s another world for them to explore.  For some of them, it’s another challenge to overcome.  Think of cum-eating as a different zone of sexuality to be explored.  You should always try things at least twice – once to see if you like it, and a second time just to make sure!

A Demanding Mistress for the Discerning Man

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Creampie Fantasies: It’s Mistress Layla’s Turn

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Cum Straight From The Source

Cock Sucking Training

Cum Eating Training With Mistress Layla

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You Can Eat Your Own Cum In Chastity

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The Cum Eating Point of No Return

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Cuckold’s Creampie Confection

Cum-Eater’s Training

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