Cum and Games

Perhaps, like so many men, you are turned on by thoughts of  eating your cum but you hit a psychological wall. You fantasize about it… get yourself hard just thinking of that hot jizz on your lips and tongue,  yet you can’t quite… get there. I understand. And I can help. I have a number of conditioning games to gently ease you past that mental barrier.

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

For cum eating phone sex call Ms Layla 800-601-6975

Helping You Eat Cum

Imagine yourself, lying naked on the bed, me sitting on the bed beside you. You hear my voice, seductive… You can hear that I am enjoying this with you…

“You want to be a good boy for me, don’t you? I know just what you need. Just a little taste today, you can do that for me, can’t you? Just a little taste… Tell me that you can? Tell me that you want to, for me?”

Your cock is standing at full attention, now. I put my fingers on your lips. I tell you to coat my hand with your mouth and tongue until it’s wet with your saliva. I wrap my hand around the base of your cock. And slowly.. very slowy.. slide my hand up from the base to the tip of that cock and until I tease out some precum. I caress the tip of your leaking manhood until my fingers are glistening.

The Sweet Taste of Success

“That’s it, good boy. Now, taste each finger and clean my hand with your mouth.” I dip each finger in your mouth until you have savored every drop of cum.

“It’s sweet! And a little salty, isn’t it!?” I whisper eagerly into your ear. “Now try it again, on your own this time.” You do just as you are told, until a steady trickle of cum drizzles down your fingers. “Go ahead dear, put it in your mouth, I know you want it.” And you do.

I must admit, it turns me on just thinking about it! We can have such fun with our “cum and games.”

What My Cum Slut Needs

I find that a few days of denial are often instrumental, don’t you?

Learning to find pleasure in submission to the will of a sensuous Mistress is part of the fun, isn’t it? That is, if you are a genuine cumslut.

With a bit of denial, we focus your attention, sharpen your senses, and . . . → Read More: What My Cum Slut Needs

Cum Eating Antici…pation

Well, hello again!

My vanilla career and far too much business travel have kept me oh so busy. I’ve realized that I have been neglecting FUN—and I’ve made a resolution for the New Year to rectify that.

For me a favorite kind of naughty fun can only be had with a cum eating man like you. Honestly, I find . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Antici…pation

Getting Past Your Cum Eating Block

You Want To Eat Your Cum For Me

When you’re stroking, and when you feel oh so good, you want to eat your cum for me.  You tell me how much you want to do it, how excited it makes you feel.  I tease you and you beg me to cum, and I tell you . . . → Read More: Getting Past Your Cum Eating Block

Pulling the Trigger

I just adore helping submissive men who are turned on by cum-eating. Some start our with a fantasy or a desire to experiment, and I am quickly able to help them develop into the cum slut they have dreamed of being.

Cum Eating Words and Feelings

I find that when training an interested subject . . . → Read More: Pulling the Trigger

Cum Eating In Chastity? Of Course You Can!

Combine chastity and cum eating? That sounds a little paradoxical I know, like the proverbial chicken and egg! It’s not as hard as it sounds. Yes, my darling you can still enjoy cum eating, even when you’re not allowed to actually… cum.  You can still taste yourself …. thanks to every pearly drop of precum. . . . → Read More: Cum Eating In Chastity? Of Course You Can!

Why You Should Eat Your Cum For Me

Eating your own cum is one of the best ways to show your devotion, especially if you are in one of my orgasm/cock control programs.

You Will Eat Cum For Me

If and when you are allowed to orgasm, please be aware that I do require that you clean up after yourself.  “But . . . → Read More: Why You Should Eat Your Cum For Me

Shattering Cum Eating Myths

Shattering Cum Eating Myths

As the Mistress who gets you to eat your own cum, I get all kinds.  Men of every variety and stripe who share a common fascination with the delightfully kinky fun of semen ingestion.  So often I hear the excuse “But Mistress I can’t because (fill in the blank here).  . . . → Read More: Shattering Cum Eating Myths

Cum Eating: The Sweetest Taboo

What’s the biggest turn-on for you about eating your own cum? Is it the fact that it’s considered taboo?

I have many callers who are already committed cum-eaters, and many others who are considering it and want to explore. This week, rather than discuss how good it is or how you can experiment with . . . → Read More: Cum Eating: The Sweetest Taboo

Creampie Fantasies: It’s Mistress Layla’s Turn

It’s Mistress Layla’s turn to enjoy the creampie. Not by eating it myself, of course. No… I mean by watching you eat it…  You had to know that I have many favorite cum eating fantasies!

You visit this blog and read my posts because you have discovered or are at very least are exploring . . . → Read More: Creampie Fantasies: It’s Mistress Layla’s Turn